Analysing the Data


Who We Are

Evangelical Financial Accountability Council (EFAC) is an initiative of the Evangelical Fellowship of India and is an  all-India registered Society under the Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860.

EFAC is an accreditation and capacity building agency which promotes transparency, accountability and excellence in governance, promoting and strengthening the Body of Christ in India.


  • To fulfil the gap due to the absence of a body to facilitate Christian organisations to maintain standards of responsible stewardship.

  • To address the absence of an accreditation agency to aid Christian voluntary sector in India in the area of financial accountability, transparency and governance

  • To fulfil the gap due to the absence of an agency to help Christian organisations in their capacity building in maintaining standards of accountability, transparency and governance


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The voluntary sector is trying its best to set high accountability standards and comply with them. There are various versions, approaches and processes etc. being discussed. It is clear that the issue of setting standards for the voluntary sector is a complex issue.

At the same time, the Evangelical Christian Organisations also face similar and even bigger challenges to comply and exhibit high accountability standards. EFAC has been set up to address this issue of accountability. We also believe that setting up and complying with accountability standards is a shared responsibility. Therefore, we would invite you to join this movement and contribute to the development of this process. For Evangelical Christian Organisations, setting up and complying with highest accountability standards is not an option, it is mandated by our Lord.

Come! Be a part of the process.

Dr Sanjay Patra, EFAC Chairman